Flushing device for H-TEC Model 986 ARV Sets and Manhole Free Sets

For easy pipe flushing of a pipiline section after removing the ARV from H-TEC Automatic Air and Vacuum Release Valve Sets or ARV with shut-off for manhole installations of the H-TEC Model #986.
No bending into the manhole shaft.

Dual use increases efficiency:
- ARV location that eliminates confined space entry
- Entry point for flushing and cleaning

Material: steel,
epoxy powder coated
Medium Sewage
Order Nr.



Medium Weight Specification Basket
1030 mm 3.4 ft ( 1.033 mm) 2" FNPT 17,20 LBS
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For installation isolate the Air Valve, relieve pressure and remove the Air Valve. With the isolation valve closed, insert the Flushing Device lock into position. The isolation valve must be opened for free access to the pipeline.

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