Cone check valve for ARV Model 986 Air release and flood prevention

For only air release function of H-TEC Automatic Air and Vacuum Release Valve, Model #986 - no air or water intake.
Prevention of flood water intake through air valves.
Easy and quick retrofitting into working air valves.
Vice versa usage possible; only air intake – no air release.

Material: Inlet Fitting: PE 100, SDR 7, 1,5” MPT/1,5” FPT
Outlet Fitting: PE 100, SDR 7, 1,5” MPT, with Screen
Cone Check Valve: PP, S4 ND40, Teflon Coated Spring, Sockets 1,5” FPT
Medium Water / Sewage
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Range Of Pressure


Medium Weight Specification Basket
1.5" 1.5" 0 - 250 PSI (0 - 17,2 bar) 01 1.1 ft (338 mm) 1,26 LBS
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