Automatic Air and Vacuum Valve with shut-off for manhole installation, for operating range: 0 - 250 PSI (17,2 bar)

The Model 988 automatic air and vacuum valve with shut-off can be used as replacement valve in existing manhole. All maintenance work on this air valve can be done from the top, no manhole entering. Eliminate confined space entry, acc. to OSHA regulations.
The air valve with shut-off must be installed upright on 4” ANSI flange pipe connection.
All maintenance and repair work for this air valve set can be done from the surface, avoiding all the dangers related to manhole access.

Operating Range: 0 - 250 PSI (17.2 Bar)
Connection: 4” ANSI flange

Valve Maintenance:
Close shut-off valve. The valve is provided with one flushing connection reaching up to the cover. In case of major dirt within the bodies the valve must be opened and cleaned manually.

Material: Air valve body: stainless steel
Valve basket: POM
Dirt deflector: PP
Float spindle: stainless steel
Pressure spring: stainless steel
Float: stainless steel
Medium Sewage
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Medium Weight Specification Basket
SS 316 38" 0 - 250 PSI (0 - 17,2 bar) Flange 14" 4" ANSI 98,11 LBS
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