Automatic air release and vacuum valve with pre filter unit, SS 316, for longterm functionality with greasy media, operating ranges: 0 – 150 PSI (10 Bar)

Automatic and infinitely variable air valve for waste water applications. Recommended for waste water collecting systems with a high content of grease within media.

In general understanding the surge protection of an ARV is a measure taken to protect the pipeline system. Filling of the pipeline should be within international standards to prevent water hammer (5ft/s) or (0,25m/s) and correct opening and closing of valves is fundamental.

The design of the H-TEC model 989 ARV allows for large volumes of air (in/out). The unique function for infinite air release/intake, due to the automatic movements of the diaphragm in operation modus, (e.g. fluid level rises, diameter of orifice is reducing infinitely variable) soft sealing and slowing the water column preventing water hammer.

Traditional ARV`s operate with two functions: open or closed. The rubber diaphragm of the H-TEC model 989 is infinitely variable operating. In case of increased velocity in the valve the float will lift slow and throttle down the air flow. This function slows the water column, water hammer from this ARV will not occur. The H-TEC model 989 ARV has an integrated pressure spring on the vertical shaft attached to the float. This mechanical feature protects from vibrations, smooth function, prevents amplified movements. No additional surge prevention unit necessary.

Material: Body, Filter: Stainless Steel, 316
Cup seal, Diaphragm: MNPT
Float: Polypropylen (PP)
Hex Head Bolt: Stainless Steel, 316
Outlet elbow with screen: Polyethylene (PE)
Medium Sewage
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Medium Weight Specification Basket
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Air valves must be tested for function and maintained at least once per year, or when the pre filter unit is intercepting large volumes of debris and the air flow can be hindered to reach the ARV mechanism.